Workflowy のショートカット

Add and edit Type like you would in a text editor. Press enter to add new items.
Show controls Hover over the bullet of an item.
Zoom Zoom in: Click the bullet of an item.
(Shortcut: control+right arrow)

Zoom out: Click on the WorkFlowy logo, for full zoom out. Click on individual parent items to zoom to them.
(Shortcut: control+left arrow)
Expand / collapse Click the '+' or '-' that shows up when you hover over an item. To expand all, double click it. To expand all of the zoomed item, double click its name.
(Shortcut: control+space)
Change indent Increase indent: tab

Decrease indent: shift+tab
Move Drag the move icon that shows up when you hover over an item.
(Shortcut: control+shift+arrow keys)
Add a note Click "Add Note" in the item controls.
(Shortcut: shift+enter)
Complete Click "Complete" in the item controls.
(Shortcut: control+enter)
Delete Click "Delete" in the item controls.
(Shortcut: control+shift+backspace)
Export Click "Export" in the item controls, then copy the text of your list to another program of your choice. To export all of your lists, click "Export All Lists" at the bottom of the page.




項目にズームイン control + →
項目からズームアウト control + ←
展開する/たたむ Control + space
インデントを深くする Tab
インデントを浅くする Shift + Tab
項目の配置を動かす Control + Shift + 方向キー
項目に Note を記入する Shift + Enter
項目を完了とする Control + Enter
項目を削除する Control + Shift + Backspace